Artist Song
13 Hands Love Will Show Us The Way
Adam Aldama aka Sizzle Eyes On You
Almost Awake What Did I Do
Amaru I'm The One You Need
Barbara Kiss Catch Me
Barley Station 10 Nights
B-Joey The Voice Of Innocent
Black Martian Big Butts Not Big Mouths
Blitzkrieg City Another Broken Day
Byron Bank T.H.O.T.
C Dot Bush Ain't My Problem
C.R.K. I Know Ya Game
Carlos Morgan Just Jane
Carol Mag Drowning
CeliC CandyLand
Chasing Colors Airplanes
Craymo Be Myself
CuzOH Nothin' On You
Danny D The One That Got Away
Daze  Smooth Operator 
DeCalifornia Oeste
DJ Trouble Enuff Troubled Times & Troubled Ways
Eugene Peebles Love Calls
Gabe Lopez California Blues
Gibrilville Gorilla
Giovanni Down Low
Glenn Bryant Funk It
GoodMan Fiske No Trouble
Grand Design Rawk N Roll Heart Attack
Guy Darby Deep Inside Of You
Janina And The Deeds By Your Side
Javon Flax As One
Joe Galaxy Walk It
John Helix This Used To Be My Home
Josh Brainard Only Love Can
Joshua L. Schmidt I Find You
Justin Mather Long Time Comin'
Kalpna Home
Kapala Old School
Katumbella I Love It
Kham Loraamm Writing In The Stars
Kristen Hope Justice Shape This Love
Kristin Moura Once Called Home
Kyle Bent I'mma Do Me
Light Over There Where Memories Live
Londyn Rae Boo Thang
Los Duques Atame
Lyssabelle In Your Love Nest
Michelle Joly One Way Lane
Michelle Kaye Don't Disappear
Mike San The Range
Millennium Roll
Monica Sharma Skin To Skin
Mr Jonze Paper
Mr. Ruben Quiero Regresar
Mustard War (Call Of Duty) 
N.E.O. The Piano Riff
Natalie Jean and Guy R. Jean C'est Toi Et Moi
Neni - Carolina Chacin Everything Must Change
Nicky Barot I Can't Fall Asleep
No Reserve Rising
Oliver James The More You Love The More You Live
Ovrhol Another You
Percy Way In My Dreams
Rhettie Promise
Ricardo Duran Enchanted
Rich Lowe Get Enough
Rob Wottz  Unbelievable
Russ Still And The Moonshiners Go For A Ride
Sabrina Petrini Fade Away
Sankoh Happiness
Shattrholik Action
Sheila King Dejate Llevar 
Silent Stranger Something About a Dream
Silversnake Michelle Drops Of Time
Snug Boy Happy Birthday
Sol Romero Turn It Up
Sunset Voodoo Summer Haze
Tate Earle Big Truck
The Hesh Inc. Feel Alive Tonight
Thor Steiger Ibiza
Torrey Mercer Miles 
Toscha Comeaux Manhuntin' Blues
Trane Spitta Prophet's Profits
Vahnessa Luz Doctor De Amor
Vitor Vieira Rainha Do Mar
War Poets Daydream
Wayon Slow Motion 
Wheels Collective Liquid
Whiskey Pants Mona Lisa
Y.T-Rogers Welcome To My World



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