A.P. Appleberry   Momma Said
Aissa Torres   The Little Things
Alexis Erin Pond/ Jim Richardson Jr.   Butterfly Feeling
Alexis Erin Pond/ Jim Richardson Jr.   Had To Get The Rhythm Out Of Me
Allen Mieth   Alone Again Blues
Alzara & Brother Spellbinder   Speed of Sound
Amanda Markley   Breathe
Amanda Markley   First Class Kiss
Amen Alibi   Go Some More
Amen Alibi   Break Down And Cry
Amy Weber   Dance Of Life
Andre ILLA   Baddest
Animal Man   This Is England
Animal Man   Gal Dem Predator
Apostle James Alston & Fellowship   On My Way
Arnab Chatterjee   Don't You Worry Child
Barbara Hills   Woods After Rain
Barry Eastmond Jr.   Run It Back
BlaqSpaceDNA   L.I.E.S.
Blow Flyy   My Wings
Blow Flyy   That's My Girl
Chase Allan   See Amazing
Christian St. James   Long Distance
Cody Joe Hodges   The Good Stuff
Cornfield Mafia   Best Of Times
Da12WatchProductions   Body Rock
Dalal   Suddenly
Danny Vash & Nite Wolf   Memory Of Me
Danny Vash and Nite Wolf   Passion Dreamer
Daze   Running Man
Don Von Dirty   I Remember (A Love Song To My Daughter)
Doreen Pinkerton   When I'm With You
Doreen Pinkerton   Lovin You Is Crazy
Edgar Galeano Dominguez   Christmas in the Old Pueblo
Efinxace   Beautiful
Extreme Dream   Rain
Francisco Zornoza   Amanece En La Estacion Espacial
George Cahill   I Just Need An American
Goldman   Welcome To The Jungle
Hayley Stewart   Cheap Motel
Hilltop Junie G   Getting Mail
Howard Lawrence   Hypnosis For Theatre
Ify   You Lift Me Higher
Imprints   Bardo
Irene Leland   Loves Around The Corner
Irene Leland   Goin' Goin' Gone
James Black   She Said
James Doré   Shut Up And Dance
Jami Leigh   I Can't Write You Like I Used To
Jess Hieser   Good To Me
Jon Mullane   Any Other Way
Justin Michael Bell   Katy And Austin
K.N.O.T.S. Landing   K.N.O.T.S. Goes Bananas
Kapala   Come On Home
King Carter   It Ain't Easy Being Me
Kirra   Lies
Laurel Moore & Steve Parisien   Another Gray Day
Lisa Trindade   I'll Get Up
Liza Sverin   I Wanna Hold You
Los Hermos Band   Studio Life
Mackadenice   Someday
Maria Elena Sanchez   Perdoname
Michelle Murlin   Get Out Of My Heart
Millennium   When We Walk In The Place
Millennium   Wide Thing
Miriam Simone   Rivers
Mista Switcha   Messin With A Champion
Moki   We Just Wanna Have Fun
Mundo   Mona Lisa
Natalie Jean   Through With You
Natalie Jean   Falling Again
Nenna Yvonne   You And I
Nicky Barot   A Lot Of Road To Go Down
Nicky Barot   I Can't Do This On My Own
NinaCassé   3-10 Remix
Nxus   Up Against The World
One Million Dollar Band   Pigs 'n' Pearls
OneSixTwo   Brighter Days
OneSixTwo   Dreamin
Peter O'Sullivan   Love Means Everything
Peter O'Sullivan   The Songs My Momma Sung
Poet Just Robert   T.H.E.Y. S.A.I.D.
Prophet   Pop That Azz
Prophetic March & The Eternal Spirits   Industrial Green Revolution
Purple Fusion   Ho Hey! You Came Along
RC Kouba   Real Love
Ricardo Duran   A Sucker For Sorrow
Rusty Lee Springfield   School Day
Sandra Amorosi   Tales Of The Pied Piper
Screezzy   Welcome To L.A.
Selasee   Time For Peace
Seth Haskins   The Clock
Seven Story Fall   Sing To Me
Shattrholik   Medicine
Shattrholik   Under The Influence
Shauni Williams   We Walk Together
Skii   All That Glitters
Sol Romero   You Know I'm No Good
Sol Romero   I'm Here To Stay
Superhero   Children Of The New Generation
T Carter Soultry   Me And You
Tasman Jude   Family
Temara Melek   Karmas Not Pretty
The Big Bad Wolf   Women And Fuel
The Como Brothers Band   Straight Face
The New Monastics   Shanghai Sadness
Tina Weber   Eyes of Love
Topknotch Da Dapper Don   Been Bout Money
Vic Sabrosura   Eres Una Bendicion
Vitor Vieira   Eu Rezo Por Nós
War Poets   Say No More
War Poets   Better Place
Wayne William   Don't Fade Away
WMFG   Bluffin'


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